When To Plan Your Family Portrait Session

The best time to plan your family portrait session is now!

The best time to plan your family portrait session is right now!


I often get phone calls from people asking me when is the best time to have their family portraits done.  My answer is always the same for each family and is quite true.  The best time to have your family portraits done is right now. Yes, right now, while you are thinking of it.  That doesn’t mean that you have to book your family portrait session for this week.  It means that it’s always a good time to start the process.  Call to make your pre-session consultation with us and get the ball rolling.  There are lots of things to consider.  What season of the year would you like? Start thinking about location options.  Would you like your photo session to be in our studio, at your home, at a nice park, at the beach?  There are many options when it comes to this. What will you all wear?  Do you need haircuts, hairstyles or anything else to prepare before that day?  When you meet with us for your session consultation, we will go over all of these options, share ideas with you and make recommendations to you based on your needs and desires.  Then we will choose a date for your session.  The sooner you book this, the more availability we will have.  Our calendar books up fast and during our busy season, we will have very limited open dates for family portraits.  If you book early, you can choose a date and time that will be most convenient for you, then you can start getting ready for the big day.

Whatever your wishes are, we can help you in the planning process to ensure that your family portraits are a beautiful and timeless addition to your home, that you and your family will cherish forever.  Don’t wait until your kids get older, you loose weight,  dye your hair, the weather is just right, you have extra money (what’s EXTRA money anyway?), or any of the other excuses we all use to talk ourselves out of things.  With proper planning, you can finally take “Family Portraits” off your To Do List and put them on your walls!

With Tax Returns arriving (extra money?), our appointments are booking up now for the rest of the seasons in 2013.  So, don’t delay, make your appointment to meet with us and book your family portrait session now, for the best flexibility in choosing your month/date.  Our new portrait package options make it very easy for you to choose, because they all include the session, either indoors or outdoors at our studio or at a local location at no extra charge. Plus, all of our packages include a product credit, so you can build your own package and get exactly what you want, from our selection of options, including framed wall portraits, canvas artwork, gift prints, family albums, photo books, holiday ornaments, holiday cards and lots of other fun and unique products we offer.  Book and pay for your package now, and there’s no need to worry about having money to pay for your order later.  It’s included! 🙂

Call today to book your no-cost session consultation and get started on accomplishing this goal.  Your family portrait become more and more valuable as the years pass! You and your family will be so glad you did this!  When’s the best time to book your family portrait session?  Right now!  Don’t wait. Do it now!  Call 508-216-5898 or e-mail us: info@DiazDD.com for more information and to schedule your pre-session consultation.

We look forward to creating many beautiful and cherished memories that you and your family will treasure forever!  We hope to see you soon!

Home for the Holidays Portrait Sessions

grandma and grandchildren

There’s something very special about gathering your family together during the upcoming holidays. Celebrate that magic with our Home for the Holidays portrait sessions.

Whether you have a gorgeous fireplace, staircase or backyard setting in mind, we will create the family memories of your dreams, right in your own home.  Get your family together and let us create your Heirloom Holiday Family Portrait, or plan a portrait session that includes your kids, that will be home from college soon.  This is the perfect time.

If you prefer a more formal traditional studio portrait session, we create priceless images that will capture your heart, such as this Generations Portrait above with Grandma Tiba and all her grandchildren.  What a great and beautiful moment this was! Thank you very much for choosing us Tiba!

Our Home for the Holidays sessions are available now through the end of November, but spots will be booking up quickly!  Book your session now, for the best flexibility on our calendar and get your portraits in time for holiday gift giving and wonderful Holiday Cards.

BONUS:  Book your Home for the Holidays portrait session before November 1, 2012 and get 50 Custom Photo Holiday Greeting Cards FREE with any portrait package order.

Call us at 508-216-5898 to find out more and reserve your Home for the Holidays portrait session today!

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What an exciting and fun week this has been with all the really great entries we got for our sexy voice contest!  There were quite a few that were really close and tough to choose between.

After week 1, here are the top three entrants, in order:

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Good luck to everyone and thanks for entering!

Stay Tuned for the results!


Hello Blog fans.

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Other conditions/rules may apply.



Facebook Fridays Are Here!

Hello friends and fans.

I’m really excited to tell you about our new offers! 

Starting today and every Friday in May we are having Facebook Friday Deals.  What are they?  Well, they are specials that we will be offering on our Facebook Fan Page and here on this blog every Friday.
Because we know not everyone is on Facebook every single Friday (i sure am) we will be extending these deals on Saturday too.

We’re sure you’re gonna love these amazing deals. 

So, if you have not yet “Liked” us on Facebook, go to our page and do so now. 

Here’s our Facebook Page

Our first Facebook Friday deal has already been posted.  If Facebook is not your thing, just subscribe to this blog and you will be in on our Facebook Friday deals.

Our Facebook Friday deals end at 11:59pm on Saturdays.  You must contact us via e-mail with your callback number or call us to take advantage of these deals before they expire. 

Our number is: 508-216-5898

Don’t forget to check back every Friday for a new Deal!

Until then…  🙂

Newborn Baby Photography

Last week I had the honor of photographing a newborn baby session.  There are so many reasons why I love being a photographer and this is one of them.  The wonder of the miracle of birth is something that I have always been amazed by.

In just the first few weeks of a baby’s life they develop at a very rapid pace and their features change so fast!  That’s why I tell my clients to bring baby in just a week or two after they are born.  That is when all the changes happen and by the 4th week, baby doesn’t look at all like they did when they were first born.  Of course, there is a resemblance, but they do look different.

It’s just so wonderful to have professional portraits made of your baby when they are first born!  Most of our clients remark about how much they value those portraits and say that they can hardly remember their baby that small and innocent.  There’s just no comparison to the rest of the photos you will have of your child as the years fly by.

I know that (for me) every time I look at my daughter’s newborn portraits, (made on Day Two) they take me back and I remember the feelings I had inside back then; all the joy, the fear; the OMG now I have a baby! 🙂

A newborn baby is one of the most remarkable and memorable moments in a parent’s life.

Professional portraits of your newborn baby are unlike any photos you can take on your own.

If you are expecting, or know someone who is, and would truly cherish images of their baby in the very first stages of their life, please send them our way.  We will ensure that they have many images to remember their bundle of joy, how they first looked and revisit all of those wonderful feelings….for many, many years.

Beauty Discovered.

New Website now Online and New Look on our Blog!

Hi everyone! 

I’m really excited to let you all know that our brand new website is now up and running! YAY!
This new site will be able to support HD video, which we were not able to do with our old site.

Because we are now offering HD video highlight services along with our Hi-resolution photography, we will be able to share both of these great new technological advances with you via our website.

We also added a new look to our Blog page.  If you haven’t visited our website or our Blog, check them out!  Here’s the info…

Website: http://www.diazdd.com/
Blog: http://www.diazdigitaldiscoveries.blogspot.com/

I would LOVE to hear from you all, so let me know what you think of both the new look on our blog page and our new website.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the beauty I’ll be discovering this year and in the years to come.

And…coming very soon will be our other new website, devoted soley to our Boudoir Photography services.
I’ll keep you posted on that one too!  Thanks for being fans!

Until next time!


Hello Blog fans!
Today’s blog is a very important one so I hope you will all not only read it, but share it with your friends.

I read a disturbing article in today’s newspaper and due to the subject matter; it compels me to blog about it.
A (so called) photographer has been arrested for committing multiple crimes to put it mildly! It was later found that this person was only POSING as a professional photographer and not actually a professional photographer.

I’m always very sad when I hear HORROR stories from people about their bad experiences with photographers. One of the first questions that come to mind when I hear these stories is:

Did you ask the photographer the right questions before you hired them?

Many people don’t even know what questions to ask before hiring a photographer, be it for their wedding, portrait, baby pictures or anything else. That’s why on my website you will find a section with F.A.Q’s. Although they are not frequently asked…they should be!

If you want to read those FAQ’s, visit my website: http://www.diazdd.com/ and click on the BIO section. There you will see a list of questions that everyone should be asking before hiring a photographer and our respective answers.

The following questions are also just as important and will help you to distinguish an ACTUAL professional photographer from those who just claim to be…

Before you hire a professional photographer, ask, at the very least, these five questions:

1. Do you have a Business Certificate?
All professional photography businesses should have a current valid business certificate displayed in their studio. ($$)

2. Are you registered with the State/Town/City as a business?
A true business needs to register with the city/town they will be doing business in. ($$)

3. Do you have Business Insurance?
You have the right to request a copy of the Insurance Certificate for the studio you are going to hire. ($$$)

4. Do you have any references?
Any successful photography business will most likely have one or more past clients who have volunteered to be used as a reference. Get the numbers and call if you have any doubts.

5. Are you a member of any professional photography associations?
On a national level there is PPA (Professional Photographers of America) http://www.ppa.com/
Locally we have PPAM (Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts) http://www.ppam.com/.

Most every state has their own professional photography association, where fellow professional photographers join and help each other learn and grow to maintain a higher level of professionalism and quality. It is not a requirement to join, but within the association, you will find those who are serious about the business of photography.  Even though we may be vying for the same clients, we have camaraderie and want to see each other succeed as well. ($$$)

There are several more questions that could be asked, but these are a few of the important ones. If you are thinking about hiring a photographer for a wedding or any other reason, do your part to make sure that they are truly a business, not just someone with a camera that claims to be. That way, you can avoid horror stories and bad experiences. Anyone can buy an impressive looking digital camera these days, but that doesn’t make them a professional.

One more thing to note would be the old adage which goes: “You get what you pay for”.

If it sounds like an unbelievable bargain…it probably is, so don’t believe it. Fine professional photography is like Fine Wine…It costs more money because it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve and maintain such quality. However, it is well worth the higher cost.  (The dollar signs above indicate that there is a cost involved in obtaining these things.)

Well, I hope this blog entry will help to serve people in the future who are looking to hire a professional photographer for their wedding or special event. If you know someone shopping for a professional photographer, please send them my way.  http://www.diazdd.com/

We will take very good care of them and we have the paperwork to prove it.  🙂

Thanks for listening. Tell your friends!

Until next time.

Our New Website is Coming Soon!

Coming soon, we will be launching a new website for our Boudoir Photography services and our Wedding, Portrait and High School Senior pics too.

We have been very busy the past couple of months with all the new changes we have in store. It’s very exciting and for those of you who will be part of our photographic family this year and in future years, you will enjoy all the great new things we will have to offer in addition to these two new sites.

We liked our current website just fine, but our photography business has grown fast. So, in order to keep the content separate and the volume acceptable, we have decided to launch a second website.

Our existing site will change domain names soon, though we don’t know what to call it yet, but it will be soley for our Boudoir Photography services, which has really grown very fast since we started offering this service a couple of years ago. If any of you have any thoughts or ideas on what you think we should call it, please let us know. We are trying to think of something catchy & classy.

Our new site will be our primary site for weddings, portraits and High School Senior Portraits.
This new site has bigger images, a more user friendly interface, easier to navigate through. We can wait to share it with you all!

We will hopefully be able to launch the site sometime early April…or as soon as we can come up with a name for our Boudoir Site.

Subscribe to this blog (above) and stay tuned for more info on this and all the other new things we are doing.

Until next time…