Don’t Trash the Dress, Glam the Dress!

Bridal Portrait on the Beach

Don’t Trash the Dress, Glam the Dress!

If you have been keeping up with the news stories, there has been a lot of debate about brides wanting to do a Trash the Dress photo session after their wedding. There are lots of stories and probably thousands of Youtube videos showing what can and sometimes does go wrong during these sessions. If you have time to kill, you can spend about a weeks time watching all the videos.

We love doing TTD sessions, and we love to be creative about them. But, we also believe that a Trash the Dress session isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to jump into a river, climb a tree, dive into mud, or slide into home-plate with their wedding dress. Especially if you paid lots of money for your wedding dress! So, before you store that dress away in that box, under your bed, or up in the attic…keep reading!

What can you do with your dress after the wedding that won’t ruin it, but will still be exciting, fun and can reward you with gorgeous, stunning wall art and stylish images that you will cherish forever? Don’t Trash the dress, Glam the dress! Our Glamour Photography sessions are the perfect way to get more from your wedding dress than the short period of time of your wedding day. Perhaps you didn’t have enough time to get those awesome images you had in mind on your wedding day because things were too hectic or were running behind schedule. Perhaps the weather wasn’t perfect and you had to go to Plan B for your wedding and have it indoors instead of outside. Whatever your reasons were, you can truly get some fun, fashionable, beautiful images in your wedding dress, when you book a Glamour Session with us. You can pick a location, or we can do your photo shoot in our studio. Our no-obligation, pre-session planning meeting will help you prepare for your photo shoot. We will talk about hair, makeup, how to prepare and what to expect on the day of your shoot. Then, we will schedule a date to create the Magic that is You!

Contact us now to book your Glamour Photography Session with us, even if we didn’t photograph your wedding. We’d love to create the images of your dreams and beyond. What’s better than lots of high fashion, stunning images of you? Lots of high fashion, stunning images of you – created by us! ūüôā

Call today to book your Glam Session. Who knows, your glamour bridal portraits may be picked to be in one of our local bridal magazines or be an entry into our photography competitions! (Major Bragging Rights there!)

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We’re Serious About Your Wedding Photography!


Although we love to photograph weddings and have so much fun doing so, we take our job very seriously! ¬†As you can see from the photo above, some of our best experiences are with clients such as these, who like to have fun on their special day. ¬†After all, your wedding day has many elements to it, but when you sum them all up, it’s a Celebration. ¬†The best celebrations are the ones that are filled with fun moments throughout the day.

We are serious about your photography, because we know how important the day is to you, your family and everyone else who chose to join in your celebration. ¬†That’s why we keep our equipment and our skills up to date. ¬†There are no do-overs in weddings and so when it comes to photography, you get what you get. ¬†So, make sure that you choose a professional that is serious about wedding photography, with a proven track record of success. ¬†Just make sure they are not too serious to have fun with you and your guests! ¬†Our easy-going and relaxed way will help you get through the day and after it’s all done, you will have lots and lots of great moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I get asked a lot of the time “what’s your style?” ¬†Well, I don’t really have one. ¬†Why not you may ask? ¬†Because your wedding day should not be about what MY style is. ¬†Your wedding day should be about what YOUR style is. ¬†What do you like? ¬†Do you prefer Traditional photography? ¬†We do Traditional. ¬†Do you like Artistic? ¬†We do Artistic. ¬†Are you all about Fashion? ¬†We do Fashion. ¬†Are you a joke-ster and always up to Antics? ¬†We do Antics. ¬†How about All of the Above? ¬†Yes, we do that too. ¬†If you just are not sure what you like, we’ll mix it up and do a little of everything, that way you’ll get the best of it all. ¬†Whatever your style, we will match your wedding photography to fit you perfectly.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to choose someone that not only loves what they do, but also someone who will love whatever you want to do. ¬†To find that perfect photographer for you…the one that’s going to produce those images of your dreams, first find someone who’s personality you like. ¬†Then find someone who is excited to capture your wedding, whether it’s “Old School” or “New School”. ¬†But most importantly, make sure that they are excited about photographing your wedding celebration and make sure they have the experience to be able to provide you with gorgeous, images of your wedding day that will make you smile, laugh and cry tears of joy, over and over again. We may not be the least expensive wedding photography, but we will make sure that we are worth every penny you invest in us!

Contact us and let’s talk about your wedding day wishes and dreams. ūüôā


Tokens to Give Guests When You Have a Summer Theme

Tokens to Give Guests When You Have the Summer Theme

By Harrison Fray
Wedding guests are now expecting to receive wedding tokens each time they attend a wedding. Tradition dictates the giving of wedding favors for all guests during the wedding reception. It is now important to give a special attention to this part of the wedding event since people are looking forward to receiving one. Carry out the wedding favors from the theme chosen for the wedding. After the wedding, it is pertinent that guests leave the party with something to bring home as a remembrance of your wedding. Distributed wedding tokens are something that matches the bride or the groom’s personalities.

Classic colors are very in for summer time themed weddings like sky blue, yellow, yellow green, pink, and lavender. You can choose a different color for summer like peach, teal, and green for the summer wedding theme. Wedding tokens should also come to mind after thinking about your wedding dresses, invitations and flowers Consider the following ideas for your summer theme tokens:

Blooming flowers and season is summer time. The blossoming flower is like the love felt during summer. Summer is a celebration of gallant and bright colors and this is made possible by many flowers. The ambiance will be much more summer themed if you match the wedding token designs with the summer colors you have chosen for the other decorations such as the centerpieces or the backdrop.

Aside from the flowers, try adding fresh fruits in small baskets, thus serving as your wedding tokens as well as centerpieces. You can also do away with mangoes, strawberries, pineapple and peaches. Find anything that can be displayed like ceramics if there is no more time to get the fruits for the party.

Design the tokens with a nature feel, put flowers and birds if possible. There are candles that have the summer scent, you may get one with flower designs or any bird designs for your tokens. Cutomize the candle holders with your initials or names and the date of the wedding. Look for candle holders that can bear your name to customize your wedding candle favors. Add the theme in all the things you use for the wedding. The centerpieces are quite hefty to prepare, if you do not have enough time, then just use summer themed napkins instead.

Make your wedding as fun as it can be with summer theme and make the day very colorful and festive with fruits and other decors.

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