Photo Contest Winners

I just returned from our annual statewide professional photography convention where we have the benefit of learning from each other, listening to inspirational speakers and learning more about how to better ourselves and our photos.

One of my favorite things about the annual convention is that we have a Print Competition. All members of the PPAM (Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts) are able to enter their images, which are judged by a panel of 6 Master Photographers. Only the winning images are awarded a ribbon, Blue, Red and White (with Blue being the uppermost tier).

Each year I enter the competition as a way to gauge my growth from one year to the next. After the competition is over, each judge is available to give me personal feedback on each of my images and let me know what I can do to make them even better.

There is always something new to learn in the world of professional photography and I look forward to the judges critiques of each of my images and working toward making them better.

Here are the images I entered this year that were awarded ribbons and their titles. (in order)
I am very proud that each of the 4 images I entered were awarded a ribbon.

As I work hard every day to improve and use the judges criticism to help me grow as a professional I know that next year they will be even better!

Enjoy the images.

In Her Shoes

Hi all.
I recently entered one of my photos into a print competition (something I had never done before). So, I wanted to share that experience with you.
I am a member of PPAM (Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts) and each year during our convention they hold a print competition. I had never entered before but this year I had a several photos that I personally liked so much, I felt the need to enter. The hard part was choosing which photo to submit.

Not knowing what to expect and how the judging was done, I jumped right into it.

Well, suffice to say that the best thing I got out of it was a learning experience like no other.

After the competition, the Master Photographers who were judging the competition were available for one on one critiques. That in itself was priceless, as I was able to hear why my print scored the way it did.

For being my first attempt, I’d say I did pretty well (White Ribbon) and I have lots of things to think about if I want to get the Red Ribbon or even the Blue Ribbon next year.

I am very excited about the challenge and I look forward to entering the competition again next year. I do this for my own personal goals…and yet it makes me an even better photographer as the years pass. What more could I possibly ask for!
Beauty Discovered.