Pinterest, Wedding Inspiration or Duplication?

One of the things I love the most about being a professional wedding photographer is the ability to create beautiful, memorable images for my clients.  Although we photograph many weddings each year, lots of times going back to the same locations over and over again, I strive to make each wedding unique by creating different looking images for my clients.  My reasons for this are twofold.  First, I want to make each of my weddings unique and provide fun, creative and artistic images for my clients, that they will cherish for a lifetime.  If you put all of my wedding albums from the same location together in a row, you would see that the images differ a bit and are not the same pose, same place.  The other reason is purely selfish.  I feel that in order to better myself as an artist and keep things interesting, I need to try to create new imagery, making images at the same location, but not making the same image.  This is what keeps things fresh and feeds my love for wedding photography.  So, at each wedding I photograph, I try to make the images different, even when I’m at the same location.

Where do I seek inspiration for my newly created images? of course.  I also gain inspiration from other sources, but mostly the Pinterest website.  With the extensive library of the Pinterest website, there is an unlimited supply of  images to be inspired by and I love going there to see all the great wedding images and feed my inspiration.  However, I do have a Love/Hate relationship with Pinterest and here’s why…

Lately,  (this is happening a lot more often) I have been getting several shot lists, and links to Pinterest boards, both from perspective and future clients, with photos that they saw on Pinterest that they want me to do.  While I have no problem giving our clients what they want and I will certainly do so, this practice is killing the creative process of wedding photography.   Perhaps there is some confusion between the two words: Inspiration and Duplication.  I love to get INSPIRED by photos that I see, not only on Pinterest, but from many other sources.  But my goal is not to DUPLICATE the images that I see, but to use that as a basis for my own take on it.  Use it to inspire me to create my own images.   Because if I did try to duplicate an image, that does not help me grow as an artist.  It just teaches me how to copy someone else’s work.  It also doesn’t get my clients excited about my work…because it isn’t my work.  Of the times I have duplicated and image that a client requested from Pinterest, once the client sees the image, there is no emotional connection or impact.  It’s simply bland.  Yup, okay good…you got that one.  Yes, you got that one too.  But when they see the images that I have created, that they were not expecting, that came from within me at that very moment, then I’ll get the WOW, OMG and OOHs, they have a much greater impact and are treasured much more by my clients, because they have not seen them before.  They are emotionally connected to the image because it brings back memories of their special day.

Photo by, Pennsylvania

Photo by, Pennsylvania

Duplicated Photo from Pinterest

My Duplicated Photo for the client.

I feel my clients are drawn to me and my style of photography because they like what I see when I look into my camera.  They like my creativity.  This is the reason they choose me to capture their wedding memories.  But sometimes, someone will show me a bunch of photos they found on Pinterest and say, I want you to do this photo and this one…oh and this one too, etc…  There goes my creativity! 😦  If I have to worry about a shot-list:  gotta do this shot, then gotta do this one, oh and can’t forget this one, checking off each one on the list so I don’t forget any…then the entire wedding will be a duplication of other peoples photos and will not be a true representation of the reason the clients hired me in the first place.  There will be no time for me to be creative, if I’m constantly looking at a list, or some Pinterest photos that I need to copy.  The end result will be a wedding that doesn’t match my style and doesn’t represent my work and doesn’t provide that emotional connection for my clients.

So, I just wanted to voice this to any future brides out there reading this blog.  If you hire a professional photographer because you like their style and the images they have created, then allow them to WOW you with their talent.  Providing a list of Pinterest photos that you want them to duplicate will totally squash their creativity and in the end, you will not like the images as much as you may have thought you would.  A wedding is an Amazing Day and should be filled with images that make you say WOW, OMG and remind you of that amazing experience, not images that make you just say, yup…okay…got it…good.

I feel that Pinterest is a great tool for gaining INSPIRATION.  I don’t feel it should be used for DUPLICATION of images that someone else has already created.  Ask your photographer to look at the images that you like and that you are drawn to.  We can be inspired by them to create something unique and quite possibly better than the images that you saw and those images will have a better emotional connection and timeless impact than anything that can be duplicated.

Thanks for reading.


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Wachusett Mountain Wedding Photography

Hello Blog fans!

I have a few favorite images to share with you from a recent Snowboarding themed wedding we photographed at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Princeton, Massachusetts.

It’s not every day that we get to do something unique like this and I was very excited to be able to capture this wedding day celebration!  We had lots of fun and we got lots of great images that showcase the fun and emotions shared throughout their special day.

The staff at Wachusett Mountain always do a great job with the place settings and details. Their service can’t be beat!  Oh, and the food is amazing as well!  Just look at how delicious this looks!  Take it from me, (I got to taste it) it tastes as good as it looks!

I even got to sample the awesomely delicious cupcakes served from The Cake Spot in Quincy, Ma.
These little delights were made in Heaven!  The flavor?  Strawberry Shortcake, with Coconut over the top of the frosting.  Mmmm, I can almost taste them again right now!  Get yourself down to The Cake Spot for a few of these amazing cupcakes!

Albert and Lisa (Groom and Bride) had a cute little snowball fight and I think you’ll agree from this shot here that Lisa may have won the battle.  Better luck next time Albert!

Albert and Lisa, thank you both very much for choosing us for this unique and fun celebration!  We had a blast and hope you did too!

Coming Soon…video highlights of their wedding celebration will be posted on our website: under the VIDEO tab.

For now, enjoy the images.

Beauty Discovered.

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Wedding Photography, Takes or Outtakes?

Was it something I said?  You better believe it was!

One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding is making the images of the bride and groom alone.  I like getting the bride and groom some alone time after the ceremony and before the reception so they can relax a bit, calm their nerves and enjoy each other’s company, before it’s time to get going to the reception.  While, I love a good party as much as anyone else, the more time I have with the couple alone, the more great images I can create.

I love to interact with the couple during these formal photos and create some real time images that show the emotion and the fun they are both having.  Since the wedding day goes by so fast, my goal is to make images that will remind them of how much fun they had that day, every time they look at the images, again and again.

We create a mixture of images with all the different feelings of the day.  For instance…  This image series from a recent wedding has something for everyone.  Which one of these three images is the Outtake?  That depends on who you are.  Everyone has a different favorite and we are able to photograph your wedding the way you want to remember it.

If you are a ROMANTIC and want to show that in your images, then you may like this one:

If you are HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and you want your images to reflect that, then this one may be for you:

If you are all about having FUN and LAUGHING and that is how you want to remember it, then you may like this one:

Or, if you are like me, you love them all!  

So which one is the outtake?  For me, none of them.  You pick your own favorite.

No matter what you want your photographs to reflect about your wedding day, you can count on us!  We can do it all as you can see from these images.  Now, go tell your friends!!!

If you know someone who’s getting married and would love a wide range of images that show who they are, capture the essence of their day and show how much they enjoyed their wedding celebration, ask them to contact us.

We love to photograph weddings…and it shows!

“Discover the beauty in your world.”

New Website now Online and New Look on our Blog!

Hi everyone! 

I’m really excited to let you all know that our brand new website is now up and running! YAY!
This new site will be able to support HD video, which we were not able to do with our old site.

Because we are now offering HD video highlight services along with our Hi-resolution photography, we will be able to share both of these great new technological advances with you via our website.

We also added a new look to our Blog page.  If you haven’t visited our website or our Blog, check them out!  Here’s the info…


I would LOVE to hear from you all, so let me know what you think of both the new look on our blog page and our new website.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the beauty I’ll be discovering this year and in the years to come.

And…coming very soon will be our other new website, devoted soley to our Boudoir Photography services.
I’ll keep you posted on that one too!  Thanks for being fans!

Until next time!