Happy New Year! Big Changes Coming in 2013

Happy New Year from Diaz Digital Discoveries

Happy New Year from Diaz Digital Discoveries

Happy New Year!  May 2013 be your very best year so far!

We are VERY excited about 2013 because we have some big changes coming!  Each year we take a look back at our business and evaluate it to determine what worked, what didn’t, what our clients loved and what they didn’t love.  Then we take that information and the feedback we get from our clients and use it to improve the products and services we offer.  We have lots of new changes that we are putting into place this year and it’s all for the better. They will allow us to serve our clients with higher quality products, faster service and an even better experience overall.

We have redesigned our Wedding, Portrait, Boudoir and High School Senior packages to make them simpler to understand and easier to choose from and we’ve partnered with a higher quality professional lab, which has a large selection of unique and custom products.  Our Video products and services have also changed and improved.  We now offer professional video services to local businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to add video to their websites and other social profiles.

We have upgraded our photo and video equipment to the brand new latest, state of the art model cameras and we continue to keep up with the latest updates in fast-changing, photo / video technologies and software, in order to provide you with nothing less than the best of the best.

We offer custom Framing of all your wall portraits, so you can have a more complete product and we also include free delivery and hanging of all wall portrait purchases. Yes, that’s right. We will Deliver and Hang your wall portraits at your request – at no extra cost.

We have a brand new website coming soon that will be easier to navigate, have bigger, better, brighter looking images and will give you the ability to purchase prints from your portrait sessions directly from us via our website.

We are growing!  Soon you will be seeing some new faces, as we will be adding some new members to our team!  We are very excited about adding these new and talented people to our company. (more info coming)

Lots more changes coming this year and all of them to help us serve you better and provide you with the highest quality of service possible.

To all of our current clients, we thank you for your continued loyalty and support.  We would not be here if it weren’t for your continued confidence in us and your loyalty.  It means the world to us!

To all of our future clients, we welcome you to our “photographic family” and want you to know that we will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction and earn your loyalty, so you will keep coming back and tell your friends about us.

We are looking forward to another great year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Best wishes for 2013.

Wedding Photography, Takes or Outtakes?

Was it something I said?  You better believe it was!

One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding is making the images of the bride and groom alone.  I like getting the bride and groom some alone time after the ceremony and before the reception so they can relax a bit, calm their nerves and enjoy each other’s company, before it’s time to get going to the reception.  While, I love a good party as much as anyone else, the more time I have with the couple alone, the more great images I can create.

I love to interact with the couple during these formal photos and create some real time images that show the emotion and the fun they are both having.  Since the wedding day goes by so fast, my goal is to make images that will remind them of how much fun they had that day, every time they look at the images, again and again.

We create a mixture of images with all the different feelings of the day.  For instance…  This image series from a recent wedding has something for everyone.  Which one of these three images is the Outtake?  That depends on who you are.  Everyone has a different favorite and we are able to photograph your wedding the way you want to remember it.

If you are a ROMANTIC and want to show that in your images, then you may like this one:

If you are HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and you want your images to reflect that, then this one may be for you:

If you are all about having FUN and LAUGHING and that is how you want to remember it, then you may like this one:

Or, if you are like me, you love them all!  

So which one is the outtake?  For me, none of them.  You pick your own favorite.

No matter what you want your photographs to reflect about your wedding day, you can count on us!  We can do it all as you can see from these images.  Now, go tell your friends!!!

If you know someone who’s getting married and would love a wide range of images that show who they are, capture the essence of their day and show how much they enjoyed their wedding celebration, ask them to contact us. www.DiazDD.com

We love to photograph weddings…and it shows!

“Discover the beauty in your world.”