Photo Contest – We’re Engaged – Last few days to enter!

Photo Contest - Enter to Win!



Wow!  There is less than one week left in our photo contest and the competition is getting fierce!  Now things are getting interesting!

The contest is open to any and all engaged couples who submit a photo to us.  The winner will receive a FREE Engagement Session with us. ($150 Value)

Now it’s “crunch-time” as we get closer to the deadline for this contest so it’s extremely important to get all of your friends and family involved in the voting process.  Use your social media popularity and get your friends to vote for your photo!  Feel free to post a link on your facebook and twitter profiles and get people voting.  The winner of this contest will be the photo with the most votes.  Don’t delay, upload your photo and then get everyone you know involved in the voting process.  To vote, all they need to do is visit our Facebook fan page and LIKE the page if they haven’t already.  Then vote as many times as they would like to vote for your photo (once per day), until someone wins!

Here is the link:

Will it be you?  That’s up to you and your friends.  Yes, you can vote for your own photo!  So, what are you waiting for?  Go upload your photo today and get voting!

Hurry!  The contest ends on Monday February 18, 2013!

Good luck to everyone who has entered and to all those new entries as well.

Here is the link again:


Photo Contest – Recently Engaged – Upload your photo for a chance to win!

Photo Contest

Our photo contest is underway and still going.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, here is the information.

If you are an engaged couple, upload a photo of you and your fiance’ to us on our Facebook fan page, then tell all your friends and family about it and have them vote for your photo.  There’s no obligation and it doesn’t cost anything to enter.  All you have to do is visit our Facebook page, LIKE our page if you haven’t already and follow the instructions to submit a photo of you and your sweetheart to be eligible to win.  You can use any camera, phone, tablet or other device to capture the photo. At the end of the contest, the photo with the most votes wins a FREE Engagement Session with us!

That’s all!  The only conditions are these:

1. The photo must be of you and your sweetheart.

2. You must be engaged to be married.

3. You must NOT use a copyrighted professional photograph.

Enter your photo today and tell all your friends and family to vote for you on our Facebook Fan Page:

Good luck!  Contest Ends 2/18/2013 and winner will be notified shortly after that date.

Engagement Portraits Are Important!

How Important is an Engagement Portrait?

Your engagement is the official beginning of the life you’re about to share with each other. Your engagement portraits show everyone that you plan to spend the rest of your lives together.

Another reason to do engagement portraits is so you can share the portraits with members of each family. They can also be given as gifts to show your appreciation. This is especially handy if there is a major holiday between your engagement session and the wedding.

However, I feel one of the most important reasons to do an engagement portrait is so we can get to know each other better. I want to learn how the two of you mesh, how you relate to each other. That way on the day of the wedding, when you will be a little nervous, I can watch for and photograph the “real you!”

Just as important is, I want the groom to see that photography can be fun. Many guys feel that this photography thing is going to be a pain and that they are going to feel awkward. When he sees that I’m not going to push him into weird poses that make him feel uncomfortable, then he will looking more forward to the wedding photography. I can also get to know him and his personality so I can capture it on the wedding day.

What should you wear? This may sound silly, but if you dress alike (same colors) people won’t look at the clothing but look at both of you. The clothing will add to the feeling of the portrait. It is just as important as the background selection.

And we are here to help you, so if you have any questions, just ask.

The most important thing to do is relax and enjoy your time together during the first official photographs of your wedding experience! Have fun with it! Some of the best images are the ones that happen naturally.

Call us today to schedule your Engagement Portrait session and get ready to have lots of fun and get some really great images.