We’re Serious About Your Wedding Photography!


Although we love to photograph weddings and have so much fun doing so, we take our job very seriously!  As you can see from the photo above, some of our best experiences are with clients such as these, who like to have fun on their special day.  After all, your wedding day has many elements to it, but when you sum them all up, it’s a Celebration.  The best celebrations are the ones that are filled with fun moments throughout the day.

We are serious about your photography, because we know how important the day is to you, your family and everyone else who chose to join in your celebration.  That’s why we keep our equipment and our skills up to date.  There are no do-overs in weddings and so when it comes to photography, you get what you get.  So, make sure that you choose a professional that is serious about wedding photography, with a proven track record of success.  Just make sure they are not too serious to have fun with you and your guests!  Our easy-going and relaxed way will help you get through the day and after it’s all done, you will have lots and lots of great moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

I get asked a lot of the time “what’s your style?”  Well, I don’t really have one.  Why not you may ask?  Because your wedding day should not be about what MY style is.  Your wedding day should be about what YOUR style is.  What do you like?  Do you prefer Traditional photography?  We do Traditional.  Do you like Artistic?  We do Artistic.  Are you all about Fashion?  We do Fashion.  Are you a joke-ster and always up to Antics?  We do Antics.  How about All of the Above?  Yes, we do that too.  If you just are not sure what you like, we’ll mix it up and do a little of everything, that way you’ll get the best of it all.  Whatever your style, we will match your wedding photography to fit you perfectly.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to choose someone that not only loves what they do, but also someone who will love whatever you want to do.  To find that perfect photographer for you…the one that’s going to produce those images of your dreams, first find someone who’s personality you like.  Then find someone who is excited to capture your wedding, whether it’s “Old School” or “New School”.  But most importantly, make sure that they are excited about photographing your wedding celebration and make sure they have the experience to be able to provide you with gorgeous, images of your wedding day that will make you smile, laugh and cry tears of joy, over and over again. We may not be the least expensive wedding photography, but we will make sure that we are worth every penny you invest in us!

Contact us and let’s talk about your wedding day wishes and dreams. 🙂


Ron and Valerie’s Cape Cod Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing a Cape Cod wedding recently. It was an intimate and beautiful celebration! Valerie got ready at the Oceanview Motel in Centerville, MA.

The ceremony was held at Osterville Baptist Church in Osterville, MA. The reception was held there as well. After the ceremony we went to Dowses Beach in Barnstable, MA for some photographs of the wedding party and the newlywed couple. We had lots of fun with the wedding party and got some cool images in the short time we were there.

Back to the church for the reception which included a grand entrance and some fun events and dancing. Their cake was beautiful and looked delicious!

I had a great time during their wedding and my daughter Kayla assisted me for the first time at a wedding. She was very intuitive and knew right where to be the whole day, helping me capture some great images all day. Thanks so much Kayla! Great job!

Funny Story about this wedding:

I now have a new title to add to my current list of qualifications. “Emergency Wedding Photographer”. Let me explain a bit.

I was contacted on the evening of Easter Sunday, April 12th by an old friend, inquiring about her future sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding. She wanted to see if I was available to photograph their celebration. You see, up to that point, Ron and Valerie had not elected to hire a professional photographer to capture their wedding celebration.
After speaking with several friends who had chosen the same, and regretted their choice afterward, they listened to others advice and decided to go with professional photography. There was only one problem. Their wedding was on Saturday, April 18th! How would they find the right professional photographer when the wedding was in only 6 days?

Word-of-mouth was the only way!

Fortunately (for me), I was available that coming weekend and happy to photograph their wedding! Neither Ron nor Valerie had visited my website or seen any of my images. There would be no time for us to meet in person, since the last few days before a wedding are very hectic and busy. They would have to rely on my friend Maria’s recommendation and they did. So, I spoke on the phone with Ron and Valerie, got the details for the ceremony, reception venue and we came up with a last-minute plan to make their wedding celebration one that they would cherish for many years.

It was certainly a pleasure to be able to capture their wedding images and be part of their special day! Ron and Valerie: the love you both have for each other clearly shows through your images. May you always feel that love when you look at each other and your images. Thank you so much for choosing us…and a special thank you to my friend Maria for your recommendation. It’s people like you who keep us going, doing the work we absolutely love! I can’t wait to be part of your wedding celebration this coming summer and capture your memories as well. It’s going to be a blast! I just know it!

So, if you or anyone you know is in need of Emergency Wedding Photography, contact me. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available, but if I am…I’m always packed and ready to go on short notice! Until next time…
Beauty Discovered.

Larry and Gina’s Wedding

September 8, 2007:
Wow! I have to share this with you. I had sooo much fun at this wedding! (I know I keep saying that) but it’s true! Gina & Larry are the best! They had a really sweet (laid-back) wedding and everything was beautiful. The Bride, Bridesmaids, the location, the ceremony….everything.
I even got a bit teary during the ceremony (yeah! I’m not ashamed to say it!) You would think after being at so many weddings that it is all the same, but it’s not. Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic. Whatever it was…it was powerful and swept me. I struggled to keep my camera dry.
This one was at the Provincetown Inn (Cape Cod) and everything turned out great. We even had a few Wedding Crashers there who were staying at the Inn. (hahaha) That’s Great! No worries said the Bride & Groom. The more the merrier.
Did I ever mention how I love my job? I do. I think I could never get tired of shooting weddings. It is an endless Sea of Love and togetherness that I look forward to participating in and contributing to each and every time.
Gina, Can’t wait for you to pick your Album photos. I know the choice must be hard with so many good images, but I know you will do fine.
Don’t forget to send me an invitation to the 1st Annual Wedding Reception Reunion next year. I am sooo there!
Best wishes!
Beauty Discovered.

Jim and Kim’s Wedding

September 1, 2007:

I had a really great time at this wedding which took place in Brewster, MA on the beach! It was so much fun! I met lots of really great people and everyone had a good time. The wedding was extra special because of the JP. He certainly had a way with words and the ceremony was fun and entertaining!

They had live entertainment and these guys were also very good!

I brought along an “assistant” to this one, my son Eddie whom expressed some interest in being a photographer someday. So, I brought him along so that he could see what it takes and also to see if he has what it takes to be a wedding photographer. I gave him my Film (backup) camera, a few things to look out for and let him do his thing throughout the ceremony and reception.

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The good news is he really surprised me with the images that he captured. Quite a few of them were very good and they actually made the cut for presenting to the Newlyweds. I am very proud of him! Great job Eddie!

The bad news…he has no idea what he did to get the photos that he got and probably could not repeat them if he needed to. He’s not ready to go Pro yet, but I’ll take him under my wing because he shows much promise. In fact, the photo of the whole family I posted here was one taken by Eddie. Chip off the old block he is!

So thanks go to Jim & Kim for the opportunity to meet so many great people in your family and for welcoming Eddie and I into your very special occasion. I hope we left a lasting impression on you, your family and friends, as you all did on us.

Best wishes,

Ed & Eddie
Beauty Discovered.

1st Gay Wedding

07/07/07: The Day Everyone wanted to get married!
While this was not my very first wedding it was my first gay wedding…which (as you might have guessed) made me soooooo nervous! For this one my nerves started acting up about one week before. Seriously! I am begining to think that this is going to be the norm for me. I sure hope not because a don’t like feeling this way. My wife Cathy tells me that it’s because I want so much for everything to go right (it’s a good thing she says). Well it doesn’t feel too good to me.
Stacy Teller and Margit Evans…two of the nicest women I have ever met! They found my information on-line (they live in Smyrna, Tennessee) and we spoke on the phone. That first phone call must have been for about an hour! We hit-it-off right away and (I found out later) Margit knew before she hung up the phone with me that she wanted to hire me to shoot their wedding.
They booked me and then made arrangements to meet with me when they came up here to book the venue and speak with the Pastor of the Church where they would be married (in North Truro, MA)
So, on that day Sunday, May 6, 2007 I met them at Logan Airport in Boston. I was sitting in the waiting area of Baggage Claim awaiting their arrival. That day we were going to talk about the details of their wedding day, choose a wedding album for their package AND I shot their Engagement photos as well. WHEW! What a really Great, Fun, Happy, Stressful day that was for me. We bonded that day even more and by the end of the night we were all very excited and anxious about the wedding.
It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful experience for me. I hope that I was able to make it just as special for both of them too.
Here are only a few of the many, many images that are my favorites from this day. Enjoy!
Stacy & Margit, best wishes and look me up when you come back up this way for your anniversary! xxxoooxxx
Beauty Discovered.