Bouquet Toss. Action Shot! Real-Time Wedding Photo.


Here’s another priceless moment from a wedding that we love to photograph!  As I wrote in my last post, I am going to be sharing some “real-time” wedding images with you. These are moments that were not posed or staged, but moments that we were ready for, because of our years of experience specializing in wedding photography.

The Bouquet Toss is a time of excitement and it’s so much fun at a wedding because you never know what will happen!  I could tell you some stories about the many funny things that have happened during the bouquet toss…(can’t share photos of those!) 😉  There are so many unknowns!  Where will the bride throw it?  Which way will it go? Who will be the lucky girl to catch it? What will happen next?  All of these unknowns really add to the excitement of this great milestone event. For instance, when you look at this image, does it tell the story of what happened?  Where did the bride throw it? Which way did it go? Who caught it? What happened next?  I think this image tells a story, don’t you?  LOL.

We love to capture all of the important events during your wedding day and we will be ready for them.  Even if we don’t know exactly how it will happen, we know we will get the shot. This priceless moment in the image above will be in the heart, mind (and wedding album) of this couple forever.  I’m sure that every time they see it, it will bring a smile to their faces again, as they recall how much fun they had at their wedding celebration.

Important moments like this and all of the many others throughout your wedding celebration are the images you get to keep after the limo, cake, reception hall and guests are all gone.  Keep that in mind when you are budgeting, investing and selecting a photographer for your wedding. If your wedding photos are very important to you, choose a photographer with experience in weddings, invest a bit more in your photography, get many beautiful and priceless memories and be worry-free.

(Call Now!  Operators are standing by!)  😉


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