Professional Photography – More Than Just A Great Camera, Great Moments


After some recent chatter on Facebook about people calling themselves “Professional Photographers”, and posting photos that are not up to truly professional standards, I have decided to jump on this bandwagon and donate my two-cents worth. 🙂

More and more these days, when I’m photographing a wedding, I have guests approach me to ask what camera I’m using.  When I tell them, they hold theirs up and say: “I have that camera too!”  Most people are surprised that I use the same camera they have.  But then I tell them, it’s not the camera that does the work. 🙂

Being a truly professional photographer is not about what camera you have, since nowadays most consumer models are quite good and offer lots of really great features.  Where the difference lies is in the “eye” of the photographer and in the amount of education, training and practical experience that person has and continues to improve on.

Most times, when you look at a wedding photographer’s portfolio, you will only see shots of the wedding details, portraits of the bride and groom and other shots that were set up, or that had time beforehand to be set up.  So, here and in the next few posts, I will share some of my “real time” images that just happened and that I was ready for, because of many years of education, training and practical experience, which is why I am a Certified Professional Photographer and my business specializes in Wedding Photography.

I love this photo of the bride dancing with her Father. It was a very special moment for them both and my goal was to capture an image that every time they see again, brings back those same feelings they had on that day. As you can also see in this image, the bride’s Mom (holding the camera, smiling) was also enjoying the moment very much. Even most of the guests looked on and were enjoying the moment. These are the priceless, timeless moments I capture at each wedding and these are the moments each family will treasure forever.

It takes a lot more than just a great camera to capture something as important as a wedding celebration. You have to be able to capture ALL of the great moments of the day…not just some of them.

Why would you want to pay more to hire a Professional Photographer? Because you will only get moments like these from a professional with experience and because moments like these are Priceless.


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