Our brides bring their babies to us. – Newborn Baby Portraits. VIP Program

ImageAs most of you know, we specialize in wedding photography. Weddings are what we do most and we love everything about them.  One of the best things we like about our wedding clients is being able to stay in contact with them after all the excitement and glamour of the wedding day has passed.  We primarily stay in touch with our clients via Facebook or Twitter, without which I don’t know what we would all do – right?  LOL.

It’s always so exciting to see one of our clients post the news that they are pregnant and that a child will soon bring new and exciting times into their lives. Even if that child isn’t the first one, there is still much to be excited about!

We primarily photograph weddings, but that is not all we do.  The majority of our brides will return to us to have a maternity portrait session and then a bit later on, a newborn portrait session or baby announcement video and then a family portrait session.  We are a full service photography and video studio and we love to hear from our clients whenever they need professional photography or video services.  Even our clients who were not former brides keep in contact with us and we are so grateful that they keep coming back for their photography and video needs.

Coming soon we are going to implement our new e-newsletter and a newly redesigned V.I.P. program, which will have some great benefits for all our return clients. We are very excited to begin these new programs and we look forward to getting started and keeping in touch with our clients in this new and efficient way.  After several attempts to use traditional newsletters, we have decided to “embrace this digital age” (hahaha) and use e-newsletters to get the word out to our clients.

From Brides, to Boudoir, to Babies, to Business, we create beautiful, professional, timeless portraits and creative storytelling video productions of our client’s weddings, maternity, newborn, family, high school seniors, corporate business and all other important events in their lives.  If you are not one of our clients yet, we welcome you to become part of our photographic family and enjoy the lasting benefits of our upcoming V.I.P. program.

Want to stay in the loop with what we are doing?  Visit our Facebook Page and subscribe to our Newsletters for up to date information on our promotions and specials, plus information on what’s coming up next.

If you are not on Facebook, simply send an e-mail to: info@diazdd.com and in the Subject line just type: SUBSCRIBE ME.  We will take care of the rest.

A million thanks to our newest clients, our current clients and our return clients for keeping us in business, doing what we love the most.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Idea


We recently had the opportunity to photograph a very beautiful and unique wedding and reception at the Leicester Country Club in Leicester MA.  The decorations were unique, the wedding cake was unique and the entertainment during the reception was also unique.  I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing performer Julie C. Myers, professionally known as “Nearly Nicks”. she is a Stevie Nicks impersonator and does a fantastic job!  Both visually and audibly, she has everything down to the very gestures spot on.  It was a pleasure to be in the audience during this wonderful performance and to be able to capture some great images of this performer. it’s always great.  It’s always great when there’s something unique during the wedding celebration.  Big thanks again to Diane and Sonia Geer for entrusting me with photographing their wedding celebration and creating many memories for them that will last a lifetime.

For anyone looking for something a little different for their wedding reception entertainment, I highly recommend you contact her if you’re a fan of Steve Nicks.  You will indeed be starstruck. 🙂

You may reach Nearly Nick’s by way of her website: http://www.nearlynicks.com

Bouquet Toss. Action Shot! Real-Time Wedding Photo.


Here’s another priceless moment from a wedding that we love to photograph!  As I wrote in my last post, I am going to be sharing some “real-time” wedding images with you. These are moments that were not posed or staged, but moments that we were ready for, because of our years of experience specializing in wedding photography.

The Bouquet Toss is a time of excitement and it’s so much fun at a wedding because you never know what will happen!  I could tell you some stories about the many funny things that have happened during the bouquet toss…(can’t share photos of those!) 😉  There are so many unknowns!  Where will the bride throw it?  Which way will it go? Who will be the lucky girl to catch it? What will happen next?  All of these unknowns really add to the excitement of this great milestone event. For instance, when you look at this image, does it tell the story of what happened?  Where did the bride throw it? Which way did it go? Who caught it? What happened next?  I think this image tells a story, don’t you?  LOL.

We love to capture all of the important events during your wedding day and we will be ready for them.  Even if we don’t know exactly how it will happen, we know we will get the shot. This priceless moment in the image above will be in the heart, mind (and wedding album) of this couple forever.  I’m sure that every time they see it, it will bring a smile to their faces again, as they recall how much fun they had at their wedding celebration.

Important moments like this and all of the many others throughout your wedding celebration are the images you get to keep after the limo, cake, reception hall and guests are all gone.  Keep that in mind when you are budgeting, investing and selecting a photographer for your wedding. If your wedding photos are very important to you, choose a photographer with experience in weddings, invest a bit more in your photography, get many beautiful and priceless memories and be worry-free.

(Call Now!  Operators are standing by!)  😉

Professional Photography – More Than Just A Great Camera, Great Moments


After some recent chatter on Facebook about people calling themselves “Professional Photographers”, and posting photos that are not up to truly professional standards, I have decided to jump on this bandwagon and donate my two-cents worth. 🙂

More and more these days, when I’m photographing a wedding, I have guests approach me to ask what camera I’m using.  When I tell them, they hold theirs up and say: “I have that camera too!”  Most people are surprised that I use the same camera they have.  But then I tell them, it’s not the camera that does the work. 🙂

Being a truly professional photographer is not about what camera you have, since nowadays most consumer models are quite good and offer lots of really great features.  Where the difference lies is in the “eye” of the photographer and in the amount of education, training and practical experience that person has and continues to improve on.

Most times, when you look at a wedding photographer’s portfolio, you will only see shots of the wedding details, portraits of the bride and groom and other shots that were set up, or that had time beforehand to be set up.  So, here and in the next few posts, I will share some of my “real time” images that just happened and that I was ready for, because of many years of education, training and practical experience, which is why I am a Certified Professional Photographer and my business specializes in Wedding Photography.

I love this photo of the bride dancing with her Father. It was a very special moment for them both and my goal was to capture an image that every time they see again, brings back those same feelings they had on that day. As you can also see in this image, the bride’s Mom (holding the camera, smiling) was also enjoying the moment very much. Even most of the guests looked on and were enjoying the moment. These are the priceless, timeless moments I capture at each wedding and these are the moments each family will treasure forever.

It takes a lot more than just a great camera to capture something as important as a wedding celebration. You have to be able to capture ALL of the great moments of the day…not just some of them.

Why would you want to pay more to hire a Professional Photographer? Because you will only get moments like these from a professional with experience and because moments like these are Priceless.

Worcester Area and Northeast Connecticut High School Senior Portrait Photographer


Class of 2013. With Senior Portrait Season now in full bloom, we want to ask you this.

What’s your Style?  How would you like to be photographed?  Here at Diaz Digital Discoveries, portrait photography is one of our specialties. We photograph our Seniors, the way that they want to be photographed.  Our portraits incorporate each Seniors own style and personality, plus a little creative kick by us to make each photo stand out from the rest. So whether you prefer a Traditional portrait, something more like a Fashion portrait or perhaps a Themed portrait that incorporates one of your hobbies or school activities, we will create that perfect portrait that shows the side of you, you want to share with your classmates, friends, family and the world.

Book your Senior Style Session with us during the month of August and we will include a Free Facebook Profile Pic and Timeline Cover Photo with every portrait package ordered.  Plus, you will also get a coupon for a Free Family Portrait session, with one whole year to use it.  But hurry!  We only have limited dates in August available for our Senior Style Sessions.

Contact us today at: info@DiazDD.com or call 508-216-5898 to book your no cost pre-session planning meeting, where we will talk about hair, makeup, outfits and how to prepare for your Senior Style Session.