Digital Camera Tips – How to Hold a Digital Camera

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This week I want to share with you an article I found on How to correctly hold a digital camera.
If you are having troubles with your images being blurry, you may not be holding your camera correctly.
Perhaps these tips will help you get better images.  Enjoy!

Digital Camera Tips – How to Hold a Digital Camera

By Joan Yankowitz

When taking photographs, one of the most common causes of ruined pictures is a shaky camera, which leads to blurred images. One of the reasons for camera shake is the propensity to hold a digital camera at arms length, which does not offer stability.
In addition, due to the lightweight nature of digital cameras, you may attempt to take a shot with just one hand. Of course, this gives you flexibility and may allow you to frame the shot better, but you will find that your hands are likely to shake or sway as you’re taking the picture.
If you want to ensure that your memories are not ruined by blurring, it is imperative that you are able to hold the camera still. Although this may seem like a fairly simple task, it is surprisingly difficult with some of the small modern cameras.
The following digital camera tips will teach you how to hold the camera and avoid unnecessary blurring.
First, grasp the right side of the camera in your right hand. Ensure that your forefinger is placed lightly along the top of the camera, while your other three fingers grasp the front and your thumb presses against the back. Some cameras will have grip indentations, so it is clear where to place your fingers. Make sure that you are holding the camera firmly, but not gripping too tightly.
Meanwhile, the position of your left hand will depend on the style of camera. In most cases, it is wise to use the left hand to steady the camera from underneath. If you have a DSLR, then the left hand may be used to hold the lens and support the weight of the camera in this way.
When using a viewfinder, it is easier to hold the camera steady, as it will be close to your body. However, if you prefer to use the LCD screen, try to ensure that you’re not holding the camera too far away from you. Holding it at arms length will not provide a steady grip. Instead, try bending your arms and keep your elbows tucked into your sides, then hold the camera out in front of you; 12 inches or so away from your face.
Ensure that you have a stable stance by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. If possible, it is helpful to steady yourself by leaning against a solid object, such as a wall or tree. Alternatively, you may prefer to kneel or sit down. Bear in mind, the stiller your body, the stiller the camera will be.
If you are still finding it difficult to get clear shots, you may want to invest in a tripod. These come in a variety of styles and vary dramatically in price. If you feel that carrying a tripod around would be too cumbersome, you may want to look at some of the more expensive, compact tripods, which can be folded to fit in a pocket. There are, of course, many other digital camera tips, but these basic hints on holding a camera are the first steps to taking better pictures.
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Tokens to Give Guests When You Have a Summer Theme

Tokens to Give Guests When You Have the Summer Theme

By Harrison Fray
Wedding guests are now expecting to receive wedding tokens each time they attend a wedding. Tradition dictates the giving of wedding favors for all guests during the wedding reception. It is now important to give a special attention to this part of the wedding event since people are looking forward to receiving one. Carry out the wedding favors from the theme chosen for the wedding. After the wedding, it is pertinent that guests leave the party with something to bring home as a remembrance of your wedding. Distributed wedding tokens are something that matches the bride or the groom’s personalities.

Classic colors are very in for summer time themed weddings like sky blue, yellow, yellow green, pink, and lavender. You can choose a different color for summer like peach, teal, and green for the summer wedding theme. Wedding tokens should also come to mind after thinking about your wedding dresses, invitations and flowers Consider the following ideas for your summer theme tokens:

Blooming flowers and season is summer time. The blossoming flower is like the love felt during summer. Summer is a celebration of gallant and bright colors and this is made possible by many flowers. The ambiance will be much more summer themed if you match the wedding token designs with the summer colors you have chosen for the other decorations such as the centerpieces or the backdrop.

Aside from the flowers, try adding fresh fruits in small baskets, thus serving as your wedding tokens as well as centerpieces. You can also do away with mangoes, strawberries, pineapple and peaches. Find anything that can be displayed like ceramics if there is no more time to get the fruits for the party.

Design the tokens with a nature feel, put flowers and birds if possible. There are candles that have the summer scent, you may get one with flower designs or any bird designs for your tokens. Cutomize the candle holders with your initials or names and the date of the wedding. Look for candle holders that can bear your name to customize your wedding candle favors. Add the theme in all the things you use for the wedding. The centerpieces are quite hefty to prepare, if you do not have enough time, then just use summer themed napkins instead.

Make your wedding as fun as it can be with summer theme and make the day very colorful and festive with fruits and other decors.

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Elegant Wedding Dresses – Look As Special on Your Special Day As You Ever Dreamed To

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This week I have an article to share with you about finding the perfect wedding dress.
This article comes from Mary R. Trotter and may give you some ideas on how to add a little elegance to your wedding dress.  Enjoy!

Elegant Wedding Dresses – Look As Special on Your Special Day As You Ever Dreamed To

By Mary R Trotter
It is a dream of every girl to look perfect on her wedding day. It is a special day in her life and she wishes to look no less than a princess or a fairy; this is why the largest part of the wedding budget is always reserved for the bridal dress. Wedding dresses are available in many different styles and designs but the bride always wishes to pick the one which is unique and beautiful, something that no other bride has ever worn before. Elegant wedding dresses can be difficult to pick if you do not have a proper guidance, but if there is someone to show you the right direction, then you can surely succeed in buying the kind of dress you have ever dreamed of.
On your special day, look as special as you have ever dreamed to by following the tips below at the time of your wedding dress purchase:
Check the material of the wedding dress you have decided to buy. It is important to see the material because if your chosen dress is made of silk or satin, it has to be high quality satin or silk. Those dresses which are made of low quality satin or silk do not give shine, so they do not look new. In order to make sure that your wedding pictures are perfect, choose your wedding gown which is made of high quality materials.
In order to look unique and different, you can choose the dress which has either been designed by a professional wedding designer, exclusively for you or if that does not fit your budget, go for a dress which is less expensive and add some alterations to it. The question which must have occurred to you now should be that what could be done to personalize the wedding dress. It is quite simple to personalize your wedding gown in order to make it stand out and different from anything anyone would have ever seen before. To personalize, you can add a touch of some other color with white. For instance, blue can be added as it stands for purity and sacredness.
Do not forget to pick your matching accessories with the wedding dress. These accessories can include small pouches that can be hung down your wrists, veils, headbands and tiaras.
Floral Touch
The bouquet you hold on your special day is one way of adding something floral to your wedding dress; apart from this you can also decorate your dress by adorning an artificial flower somewhere on the front or side of the dress. Floral touch will make you look chic and unique.
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The Important Bridesmaid Gift

The Important Bridesmaid Gift

By Mary Hugh O Calderon
Quite a few brides admit that their wedding will not be feasible with out the aid of their bridesmaids. Bridesmaids might be the bride’s best friends or female relatives. They may be an integral part with the wedding event organizing, they’re the ones who throw the bridal shower, bachelorette party and relax the bride if she is having a melt down. Furthermore, they also stand beside the bride when she says those life changing vows.

So it is just fitting to give back to your bridesmaids by presenting every 1 of them a distinctive bridesmaid gift that suits their personalities. Giving a bridesmaid surprise has turn out to be a wedding tradition that has been practice by the bride and groom for hundred of years.

A bride will normally give presents to her bridesmaids as a sign of gratitude for being an integral portion of her existence and attending her big day. It can be equivalent towards the groomsmen presents that the groom gives to his best buddies.

Whichever bridesmaid surprise ideas you happen to be searching for, here’s a hint, you can give exclusive bridesmaid gifts which is usually personalized or a gift that’s individual to that persons likes or dislikes, so you greater choose the ideal bridesmaid presents available.

Even so, if you are short on cash, you are able to still give them a bridesmaid gift that they will probably be appreciated. You’ll find inexpensive and low-cost bridesmaid gifts that don’t appear ‘cheap’ at all. It’s important though that you consider every single bridesmaids preference ahead of you dash into the nearest store.

Each and every bride wants to offer the appropriate bridesmaids presents, but it may be quite challenging since every bridesmaid may have several personalities and tastes. For your businesswoman bridesmaid, a company card holder may possibly be an appropriate present. Alternatively, if your bridesmaids are young, hip and fashionistas, you may possibly would like to contemplate giving them just about every some type of cosmetic make up bag, silk purse, lipstick case, a compact, a silk pouches, terry cloth spa slippers or even a travel mug. You can even have them personalized by getting their names embroidered and even engraved on anything you opt for to offer them.

Bridal jewelry is undoubtedly a great alternative for your bridesmaid’s gifts. You could select a necklace and earring set that they can truly wear on your wedding day.

However, if your bridesmaids have the same interests, like yoga or cooking, you possibly can sign them up for a class. In addition,, you’ll be able to also treat your girls to a spa day before your wedding. I bet they’ll love it!

The quest for the best bridesmaid gifts can be exhausting but inside the end it will all be worth the cost, specially once you see their delighted faces whenever you present them their unique gifts.

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