Hello Blog fans!

Our sexy voice contest was a great success! Thanks to all of the people who called in to enter.
I think it’s funny that all of the entrants were females.  Coincidence?  I’m not sure.  I had wondered during the contest if any men were going to enter, since it was anyones contest to win, and not a single male entry.  I guess that means that only women have sexy voices?  Huh!  🙂

Anyway…I had no idea when starting the contest how difficult it was going to be to choose!  All of the entrants were certainly eligible to win First Prize and the standings order had changed very quickly in just a matter of an hour each day during the week.

It was fun listening to all the callers who left their entry on our voice recorder…along with other information as well…but the only thing that counted for the contest were the specific rules, to keep everything fair.

Here is a recap of the rules and the prizes:

(previously posted)
Please note that we will only accept your voice on the recorder, so you must call during the allotted times only and leave your voice recording to enter. We will judge from all of the sexy voices entered during both weeks and choose the top 3 to win, First prize, Second prize and Third prize. All entrants will be updated on the running via our Facebook fan page until the winner is announced on June 28th.
First Prize winner will have their sexy voice used in our upcoming promotion which will be broadcast to the public (this could be your claim to fame)! Sexy voice credit will be listed in our promos. Winner will also receive a fun, Free Studio fashion photo session and an 11×14 portrait of their choice from that session. ($250 value) Fashion photo may possibly be used in conjunction with same promo as well.
Second prize will win a $100 Gift Card from our studio and be mentioned in our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Linked-in).
Third prize wins a $50 Gift Card from our studio and be mentioned in our social media sites.

Gift Cards never expire.

All winners will be notified by phone and listed on our social media sites.

Top winner must sign a release to allow use of photo/voice for our promo purposes.

Top winner must agree to visit our studio in Oxford, MA to have their voice professionally recorded live for our upcoming promotion and agree to allow us to use the recording. (Specific details, terms and conditions will be given to the top winner)

By entering our sexy voice contest you agree to allow us to share your first name and city with our social media friends, fans and followers.

Other conditions/rules may apply.

So with no further delay here are the winners!
3rd:  Maria Brown.  Anyone having the opportunity to hear Maria’s voice, will agree with me that she could read the phone book and make it sound like a fairytale novel!  When I first heard her voice, I took in a big sigh and thought she was already the winner.  Thank you Maria so very much! Maria wins a $50 Diaz Digital Discoveries Gift Card.
2nd:  Jayne Antos.  Jayne has the type of voice that would be great for those movies…you know…THOSE MOVIES!  The ones where there’s a female computer voice. (What were you thinking!?)  The computer voice is counting down the ship’s self-destruct sequence in a sexy tone.  The bad news is your about to die.  The good news is that the last thing you get to hear is a sexy female voice. 🙂  Jayne came very close to winning, as she called several times and had multiple entries and I am a huge fan of sci-fi and female computer voices!  LOL.  Thank you for entering Jayne!  Jayne wins a $100. Gift Card From us.
1st: Joanna Aviles.  Now Joanna…all I can say is… WOW!  Joanna’s voice has it all.  Soft-spoken, sweet, tender and just what we were looking for in our upcoming promotion.  I can’t wait to share what it is, but as it is still in the planning stages, we can’t divulge anything yet.  Just know that Joanna’s voice will be featured saying our tag line “Discover the beauty in your world.”  Thank you Joanna for entering, calling in faithfully and congratulations on winning our contest!  We will be contacting you soon to make arrangement for you to come to our studio.
Joanna wins a Free Fashion Photoshoot at our studio and an 11×14 portrait of her choice from the shoot, plus her voice will be featured in some of our upcoming promos.
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Until next time…(enter Joanna’s voice)  “Discover the beauty in your world.” 🙂


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