Our New Website is Coming Soon!

Coming soon, we will be launching a new website for our Boudoir Photography services and our Wedding, Portrait and High School Senior pics too.

We have been very busy the past couple of months with all the new changes we have in store. It’s very exciting and for those of you who will be part of our photographic family this year and in future years, you will enjoy all the great new things we will have to offer in addition to these two new sites.

We liked our current website just fine, but our photography business has grown fast. So, in order to keep the content separate and the volume acceptable, we have decided to launch a second website.

Our existing site will change domain names soon, though we don’t know what to call it yet, but it will be soley for our Boudoir Photography services, which has really grown very fast since we started offering this service a couple of years ago. If any of you have any thoughts or ideas on what you think we should call it, please let us know. We are trying to think of something catchy & classy.

Our new site will be our primary site for weddings, portraits and High School Senior Portraits.
This new site has bigger images, a more user friendly interface, easier to navigate through. We can wait to share it with you all!

We will hopefully be able to launch the site sometime early April…or as soon as we can come up with a name for our Boudoir Site.

Subscribe to this blog (above) and stay tuned for more info on this and all the other new things we are doing.

Until next time…

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