GMDS 2008-2009 Scholarship Recipients

Hello all.

I wanted to share with you all what a joy I have each year photographing the students of Gina Mandella Dance Studio.

GMDS, as it is known, a performing arts studio here in Oxford does a great job at keeping their students, both male and female, enthusiastic about performing arts.

The studio’s mission statement reads: Every child is different and can be inspired to become something wonderful. Dance teaches expression through movement, and is an enormous inspiration for a young dancer. Nurturing these young children brings me joy, and they continue to inspire me to dance and teach with my whole heart. Each child will get the individual attention needed to believe in themselves and to become that some kind of wonderful! – Gina Mandella

Each year the Gina Mandella Dance Studio awards several of their students a full or partial scholarship based on their performance, positive attitude and other traits. As you can see by the number of them, many of the GMDS students strive, work hard and it pays off.

I am honored to be chosen by GMDS to photograph this years scholarship recipients as well as their Picture Day photos this summer.

I’m sure it will be a blast, just like last year.

I’ll post some of the Picture Day / Recital photos later on this summer.

Gina, thank you for selecting us again! I’m looking forward to photographing your students this year.

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