We now offer Camera Classes!

What are camera classes? A brand new service that we are now offering at our studio!
How many times have you tried to read the instruction manual that came with your camera, only to become even more confused? Tired of deleting most of your photos because they didn’t come out right? Too dark, too light or out of focus?

How long have you had that digital camera and promised yourself that you are going to take a course someday or try to learn how to take better photos?

Well, that someday has just arrived! We are offering small group lessons with your camera at the special price of only $25/person. There is a 10 person limit for each class. Bring your camera and your questions and leave with the knowledge to take better photo right away!

Get the results you have always wanted with your own camera! Whether it’s a just a point and shoot camera, D-SLR or even a film camera, we can help you start taking better photos immediately.

Our next group camera class will be on Saturday March 28th at 11:00am. If you are interested in this service, call us to reserve your spot.
Call: 508-216-5898 (prepayment is required to hold your seat.)
Bonus: During the classes we will have a drawing for cash or other prizes!
You could even get your next class for free!

There are only 10 spots open for each class so call right now to reserve your spot. Once we have all 10 spots filled, you will need to wait until the next scheduled group class, or schedule an individual lesson.

Individual (one on one) lessons are available for $50 per person. If you are bashful or just feel that one on one lessons will benefit you more, sign up for an individual lesson.

Don’t wait another day – call to book your class today!
“Discover the beauty in your world.”

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