Old Sturbridge Village Photos

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a holiday party at Old Sturbridge Village. I have lived in this area for almost 6 years now and I had never been to this most beautiful and nostalgic place before. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to visit the village, speak with the “Interpreters” (folks dressed in OSV attire, who guide you through your journey of the past) and take in the beauty of days long gone by.

There are so many great photo opportunities here at OSV and so many things you can learn from the interpreters. They are a plethora of knowledge and a pleasure to spend some time with.

I was able to capture many, many images that day. here are just a few of the images I made, which will hopefully give you an idea of what you can experience during your visit to OSV. I recommend visiting the village to everyone, both young and old. You will most assuredly enjoy the experience, as I did.

I will definitely be back there very soon! Perhaps even to photograph a wedding. Now that would be an excellent place to make beautiful images of a wedding celebration!

Enjoy the images.

Beauty Discovered.

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