Family Portrait Month 2008

I really love when Family Portrait Month rolls around!
That is when I usually get the most number of families coming in to have their portraits made, whether it be for holiday cards, to give as gifts or just to cherish for themselves.

I love meeting and getting to know these people a bit more. Like this new family who just returned from Ethiopia with two wonderful children. I really enjoyed our portrait session and it was certainly my honor to be chosen to capture the images that they will keep close to their hearts.

Thank you Rachael and Adam for the opportunity!

Every family’s stories are so different and interesting and the fact that people can be so different, yet come together for a common good cause such as Operation Smile means so much. I feel fortunate to be able to do my part to help children in need.

One of the other reasons I like this time of year? The holidays tend to “Tame” everyone a bit more (for the most part). Yeah, you’ll still have that occasional grumpy person in line at the mall or the grocery store that will just complain about everything; but just ignore them and they will soon go away. For the most part, at least the people I have been dealing with are in good spirits, putting aside if only for a short while, all of our economic situations.

It’s nice though when one can find love, compassion, unselfishness and other good will during this month. I look forward to it every year, and not because of the “presents”.

We are completing the last of our Holiday Family Portraits this week and I just wanted to send a quick post and some images for you all to enjoy. Thank you to all of you who contributed to Family Portrait Month and Operation Smile this year. It is very well appreciated!

Happy Holidays! Be safe and be well.

Beauty Discovered.

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