Salem Cross Inn Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, Mass.
I had not been to the Inn before so when I paid my first visit a few weeks before the wedding day, I was delighted to see how beautiful it was.
From the moment you pull into the drive and park your vehicle, you are transported back in time to a different era.
Old Victorian living at it’s best was the feel of this venue for me. Everything from the old wagons out in the fields, to the open cooking fireplaces and antiquities throughout the entire place reminds us of how special and precious items from the past are. Looking at certain pieces can instantly bring you back to those days, or make you wonder how it must have been “back in the day.”
The ceremony was held outside even though only one hour before the ceremony, the sky had opened up and dropped bucket-loads of rain on the grounds. But the rainstorm went by fairly quickly and the Bride was determined to still hold the ceremony outside. Good thing, because the Sun came out just before the ceremony began. So, it turned out to be a beautiful ceremony, on a beautiful day, with a beautiful couple, at a beautiful venue.
Although we did not stay for the entire reception, we did cover the first portion of it. On the inside, the Inn is equally beautifully antique and furnished with many items from our history as well. The lighting was quite challenging from a photographers point of view due to the low light lamps that were available back then, but we made the best of it. That is one of the reasons I always visit the venue prior to the wedding day.
To Joe & Elin, thanks so much for choosing us (over all the other photographers in this area) from your home all the way over in Santa Monica, CA, to photograph the celebration of your love for each other. It has been an honor.
Next time you’re in MA, look us up!
Best wishes!

Beauty Discovered.


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