Newborn Portraits

Hello all.

I want to share with you all the really great session I recently had with these two proud parents.

Chris, the new Dad contacted me because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a portrait session for their new baby, Yuri, as a Mother’s Day present.

Great idea! Any new Mom would love to have professional portraits of their child!

Chris, Amy & Yuri came to my studio. We scheduled the session around Yuri (a must-do when you have a newborn) which was a Sunday, early evening.

That is her “ideal time” Mom said…so I was happy to be able to work around their schedule.

Well as you can see Mother knows best because we got some wonderful images of Yuri and the whole family that I am very happy with.

I had a solid plan and some other ideas in my head (and on paper) for this trio and I’m happy to say that I was able to get some (not all) of the images I had planned, into the camera.

I love to photograph new family members and capture the love felt between Mother, Father and Child.

Having a young one myself (20 mos.), I know that feeling very well…I feel it every day when I look into my daughters eyes and they light up.

Nothing is better than to look in the eyes of your infant child and see them looking back at you, as they are learning each and every single curve, slant, crevice, shade and feature on the faces that bring them comfort.

It always gives me great joy to be able to photograph families…each one unique and special in their own way.

Chris. Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to provide you with these and more images of Yuri and your family. May you cherish them for many, many years.

Come back soon because they grow up really fast and their features change quickly…especially within the first year.

Best of luck to you all.

Be Well.

Beauty Discovered.


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