Prom Night

WOW! What a beautiful young lady!
These photos and the video of the session are from a beautiful young lady who had me take her photographs on Prom Night. She’s a very special young lady to me.

She has graduated High School and soon her new life begins.
This September she is going off to college in Boston to begin her studies in the Fashion Merchandising field. There are lots of great opportunities in Boston in the Fashion Industry, should she decide to stay there. If not, there are lots of other opportunities wherever she may decide to call home.
If she applies herself, she should do very well. If the way she dresses is any indication of her ability to sense fashion, she will do very well in that field.

This particular photo shoot was bittersweet for me in that I have been photographing this young lady since she was just an infant. Now, it’s hard to accept how quickly time has passed and how soon those “little people” grow up.
Although it was fun posing and directing her (and she did very well following my leads) at times it was very difficult as well.
You see, this beautiful young lady is my oldest daughter, Kayla.
I think I hadn’t realized that she has grown up, until that very night.

Even though we (as parents) know that our kids are going to grow up and move on, I don’t think we are ever ready for it to happen. I know I’m not.
At least I’ll have these beautiful images of her (and all those childhood memories to hold on to).
For now, I am cherishing every moment I have with her…until she has to leave.
Then, for me, the sleepless nights begin.
Kayla, you cannot image how proud of you I am. You have grown into a beautiful young lady inside and out. I wish you the utmost success!
When you finish school and are working in the Fashion Industry, I know a pretty good photographer that can help you photograph your displays and other setups. Give me a call and I’ll hook you up with him 🙂
Enjoy the photos and your Summer off! Love you so much!!!
Beauty Discovered.


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