Newborn Portraits

Hello all.

I want to share with you all the really great session I recently had with these two proud parents.

Chris, the new Dad contacted me because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a portrait session for their new baby, Yuri, as a Mother’s Day present.

Great idea! Any new Mom would love to have professional portraits of their child!

Chris, Amy & Yuri came to my studio. We scheduled the session around Yuri (a must-do when you have a newborn) which was a Sunday, early evening.

That is her “ideal time” Mom said…so I was happy to be able to work around their schedule.

Well as you can see Mother knows best because we got some wonderful images of Yuri and the whole family that I am very happy with.

I had a solid plan and some other ideas in my head (and on paper) for this trio and I’m happy to say that I was able to get some (not all) of the images I had planned, into the camera.

I love to photograph new family members and capture the love felt between Mother, Father and Child.

Having a young one myself (20 mos.), I know that feeling very well…I feel it every day when I look into my daughters eyes and they light up.

Nothing is better than to look in the eyes of your infant child and see them looking back at you, as they are learning each and every single curve, slant, crevice, shade and feature on the faces that bring them comfort.

It always gives me great joy to be able to photograph families…each one unique and special in their own way.

Chris. Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to provide you with these and more images of Yuri and your family. May you cherish them for many, many years.

Come back soon because they grow up really fast and their features change quickly…especially within the first year.

Best of luck to you all.

Be Well.

Beauty Discovered.

Prom Night

WOW! What a beautiful young lady!
These photos and the video of the session are from a beautiful young lady who had me take her photographs on Prom Night. She’s a very special young lady to me.

She has graduated High School and soon her new life begins.
This September she is going off to college in Boston to begin her studies in the Fashion Merchandising field. There are lots of great opportunities in Boston in the Fashion Industry, should she decide to stay there. If not, there are lots of other opportunities wherever she may decide to call home.
If she applies herself, she should do very well. If the way she dresses is any indication of her ability to sense fashion, she will do very well in that field.

This particular photo shoot was bittersweet for me in that I have been photographing this young lady since she was just an infant. Now, it’s hard to accept how quickly time has passed and how soon those “little people” grow up.
Although it was fun posing and directing her (and she did very well following my leads) at times it was very difficult as well.
You see, this beautiful young lady is my oldest daughter, Kayla.
I think I hadn’t realized that she has grown up, until that very night.

Even though we (as parents) know that our kids are going to grow up and move on, I don’t think we are ever ready for it to happen. I know I’m not.
At least I’ll have these beautiful images of her (and all those childhood memories to hold on to).
For now, I am cherishing every moment I have with her…until she has to leave.
Then, for me, the sleepless nights begin.
Kayla, you cannot image how proud of you I am. You have grown into a beautiful young lady inside and out. I wish you the utmost success!
When you finish school and are working in the Fashion Industry, I know a pretty good photographer that can help you photograph your displays and other setups. Give me a call and I’ll hook you up with him 🙂
Enjoy the photos and your Summer off! Love you so much!!!
Beauty Discovered.

One More Hug Before College

For many parents, June is a month filled with great emotion, both happy and sad. Happy to finally see the warmer weather and most of all proud of your High School Senior for graduating and entering college. Sadness because you won’t get to see them as often anymore. Holding on to every moment you have left and remembering their years growing up. We know how hard it is to let them go.

That is why, from June 1st until July 31st only; are offering a special price on a limited number of studio portrait sessions.

Bring Mom / Dad and the Grad together for a beautiful 8×10 intimate portrait.
You’ll also get 1- 5×7 portrait that your college bound student can take with them.

So throw on your college tees, hats, jerseys or other clothing and come in for a casual, college farewell family portrait.

Best of all, these sessions will take only about 30 minutes which leaves you plenty of time for the graduation party, to shop for those last minute dorm items or to help your student pack up.

Call today to book your session. Only a limited number of session dates and times are available in June and July.

For only $50.00 you’ll receive a 30 minute portrait session, 1-8×10 and 1-5×7 print.

Or you can save $50 off any of our regularly priced portrait packages.
Call us today at: (508) 987-6966 or email to book your session or for more information.

Give your high school graduate one more hug before they go off to college and let us capture those moments of lasting love, shared joy and great pride forever.

Boudoir Photography

Hello all.

Here is another great tip from Kate Woods and The Knot, Inc. on Boudoir Wedding Photography.

I wanted to share this information on this great new trend.

Here at the DDD studio, we not only do this for you upcoming Brides, we can also do a Boudoir Session for a great Father’s Day present.

Read more about it (below) and then call us for a consultation and to book your appointment.

You & your Hubby will LOVE this present…Guaranteed!

Boudoir Wedding Photography 101

by: Kate Wood

Thinking of surprising the groom with a peek at your passionate side? Read on for details on this hot new wedding photography trend.

You may have heard of one of the latest trends in wedding photography. Hint: It involves the bride wearing a lot less than her gown. Boudoir photography is definitely gaining popularity among to-be brides, but what’s it really all about? Find out whether these risque pics are for right you.

So, what is boudoir photography exactly? Boudoir photography is a sexy new trend that’s especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom. Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all. They’re hardly X-rated though, but rather PG-13 — as in classic pinup-inspired pics, or what the pros call ‘implied nudes.’ That means you’re not wearing anything, but you’re also not showing off anything either (think shot from the back, or lying on your stomach).

Who will take my pictures? Many wedding photographers have embraced this trend — your shutterbug may offer this as an additional service. An added bonus of going with a pro: Many brides like to have the best of their boudoir photos bound in a mini album just for their hubby, a service many wedding photographers are able to arrange. In some cities, you may also be able to find services that specialize in boudoir photography. While the shots you get may not be as high quality as those of a high-end wedding photographer, there can be other perks –like closets full of potential wardrobe items or props.

When should I schedule the session? If you’re spending time and money on an exercise and primping routine, you may want to wait until a week or so before the wedding to show off the results. Plus, a fun and pampering photo shoot is a good way to indulge and take some time out from wedding planning. Though you might be inclined arrange for the session on the morning of your wedding, resist the urge. For one, you’re not likely to feel very sultry if the rain clouds looming over your outdoor ceremony site are the first thing on your mind. Second, do you really want your to-be mother-in-law walking in on you while you’re posing in just your veil? Stick with a separate shoot so you’ll have time to really feel comfortable and get some great shots.

How long does it take? Though it depends on the package you choose, your boudoir photo session will probably last about two hours. Why so long? It takes time for hair and makeup, plus the additional lighting setup. It may also take you a little while to relax. Most brides aren’t used to lounging around wearing little, if any, clothing in front of the camera, so your first few shots will likely look a bit stiff.

What does it cost? Cost varies considerably — do a little investigating before you commit to a vision of what you want. Multiple set changes, renting props, or simply time spent can add up quickly. If you can add a private session onto your wedding package, you may be able to get a better deal than if you go with a different wedding photographer. The real key, of course, is whether you gel with your photographer — if you don’t feel comfortable, it will show on camera.

Where should I have it done? Talk with your photographer to come up with the best location. Many photographers may be able to do a photo session in a studio. Another popular site is a posh hotel room. Your own home or a borrowed home is another option. The main key is to get an okay from your photographer on the locale — a number of different backgrounds for poses are important, and they’ll also need lots of natural light.

What should I wear? The most important thing — choose outfits that make you feel sexy. A good rule of thumb: Bring something white, something black, and something in a bright color so you can mix and match. A corset will create sexy curves. In addition to lingerie, don’t forget shoes, jewelry, and that engagement ring.

Should I bring anyone along? Though you don’t want to turn your shoot into a three-ring circus, it’s a good idea to bring a friend. Why? You’ll feel more at ease if you can make a few jokes with a pal, plus she may be able to help with suggestions.

Another idea: Bring a bottle of bubbly. A little champagne may help loosen things up. You’ll be posing like a pro in no time — but of course, this is a one-time-only exclusive for a very special audience (your very lucky groom).