A Rising Star

Meet Ileana.

Ileana is currently a student of a New York City Performing Arts School.

She is a Singer, Actress, Dancer, Musician…you name it! She would also like to enter the Professional Modelling field.
I had the honor and the pleasure of photographing her for her portfolio.
Be on the look out for this girl folks! She has talent extraordinaire!
I had a really great time with the photo session, both in studio and on location.
Ileana is a natural. She had every pose right on target and she plays well to the camera lens.
It of course doesn’t hurt that she is quite photogenic as well.
I put some of my own artistic flair on some of the images, just to bring a unique perspective to her and to show some Commercial, Fashion & Glamour images that she can use in her portfolio.
As always, there were lots more images, (go to my website)but not lots of room to post them all.
Ileana, thanks very much for choosing us for your portfolio images. It was great fun. When you are ready for an update, we’ll be here for you!
Best of luck in NYC!
Beauty Discovered.

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