In Her Shoes

Hi all.
I recently entered one of my photos into a print competition (something I had never done before). So, I wanted to share that experience with you.
I am a member of PPAM (Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts) and each year during our convention they hold a print competition. I had never entered before but this year I had a several photos that I personally liked so much, I felt the need to enter. The hard part was choosing which photo to submit.

Not knowing what to expect and how the judging was done, I jumped right into it.

Well, suffice to say that the best thing I got out of it was a learning experience like no other.

After the competition, the Master Photographers who were judging the competition were available for one on one critiques. That in itself was priceless, as I was able to hear why my print scored the way it did.

For being my first attempt, I’d say I did pretty well (White Ribbon) and I have lots of things to think about if I want to get the Red Ribbon or even the Blue Ribbon next year.

I am very excited about the challenge and I look forward to entering the competition again next year. I do this for my own personal goals…and yet it makes me an even better photographer as the years pass. What more could I possibly ask for!
Beauty Discovered.