Model for a Day

In what I refer to as the “off-season”, (when I’m not photographing weddings and such), in order to keep my skills honed I still like to photograph people on location.

My friends and fellow photographers, Abby, Alice & Andreia got together and held a self-help Workshop so we could teach and learn from each other.

Even though each of us have our own photography business, there is still camaraderie among us and we are able to help each other strengthen our weak points in the field of photography. I love this concept and this workshop proved that it can be very effective.

For this particular workshop, we took the lovely Daniela on location for some Commercial & Fashion Photography practice.
She was GREAT! A real natural! For someone who hadn’t had modeling experience before, she was very good at following our direction as each of us took turns in posing her and creating our own unique images of her. Even when all 4 of us were shooting at the same time, she didn’t buckle (although we probably were acting like paparazzi to her.)

She was a good sport too because it was pretty cold that day and we had her outside without a jacket. She endured the cold weather and didn’t complain once!
This was our first attempt at getting together for this Workshop and we will be getting together again soon to provide each other with constructive criticism on our images.
What a great opportunity I have in being able to network with other photographers in my local area who also happen to be my competition. 🙂
It’s really nice to be able to forget the business aspect of the art we love and just for a day, get together and have some fun.
We agreed to do this once each month from now until November and we’re currently looking for volunteers who would like to be our Models (in exchange for a few free prints from our session.)
If you’d like to volunteer (space is limited) drop me a line or an e-mail and perhaps we can fit you in for your very own session (15 minutes of Fame).
I had such a great time and I really want to thank Daniela for being so great. I know she was not used to some of the unique and interesting poses we experimented with and put her in. (many of which are in the other images we captured that day.)
Alice, Abby, & Andreia (I think I might start calling you the “Triple A’s”), thanks so much! I had a great time!

Daniela, you are a lovely young woman and if you’d like to return for another session, you’ll be more than welcomed by us all.

Thank you all & enjoy the images!
Beauty Discovered.


One comment on “Model for a Day

  1. Nice work,Ed!! I enjoyed working with everyone. So many different ways to see the same event!

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