A Sweet 16

January 19, 2008:

I had the pleasure of photographing a Sweet 16 party on Staten Island, NY. It was a small intimate gathering of friends and family. Samantha (birthday girl) was so full of fun and laughter and she really had a great time that night! She has two brothers, and two sisters and they are all so close to each other. It’s really great to see that in siblings these days, especially when their age gap is wide.
There was a candle-lighting ceremony, in which Samantha called up some of the key people in her life over the course of her 16 years. She then asked them to help her light the candle, as they have helped her in many other ways throughout the years. She did this each time, for each candle and her words were very inspiring both to her siblings and to her peers who were there to witness this special day in her life.

I know her Mom & Dad were very proud of her, as she took a moment to recall childhood memories and the significance of the person she chose to recognize with each candle, some of whom were present there and some who have passed away.

It was a very touching, happy and fun celebration of reaching young adulthood. I am very glad to have been a part of it!

Samantha, I wish you many more years of happiness and great success in your future. Thanks for allowing me to take part in your very special day!

Best of Luck!
Beauty Discovered.

2 comments on “A Sweet 16

  1. RitaM0331 says:

    Thank you so much for taking my BEAUTIFUL pictures!! We had such a great time. You are the best!!!!!Samantha

  2. RitaM0331 says:

    Samantha and I would like to take this opportunity compliment you on the wonderful work that you did the photos are absolutely beatiful we are so pleased.I would also like to thank you for sharing this very special day with us. Rita

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