Toys For Tots

December 8, 2007:

I had the honor and privilege to provide photographic coverage during a local Toys for Tots benefit. Dr. Antoinette Parvis whose office is in Oxford, MA was celebrating her 25th year of service to Toys for Tots. For the last quarter-century she has helped bring thousands of toys to children in need.

This year marks the 60th anniversary for the Toys for Tots tradition of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. In 2006, Toys for Tots delivered more than 19.2 million toys to over 7.6 million children. Every toy is donated and your donations are tax deductible.

It was a really great time! Entertainment was provided by a really great Barbershop Quartet, ‘The Forget Me Notes’ who provided us with excellent Christmas Carols and Radio Station ‘Oldies 98.9 FM’ was also there to pipe Christmas Music into the air and down the streets, calling for people to stop by with their donated gifts. Members of the US Marine Corps were also on site spending quality time with us all. Then they bagged up all the gifts to be distributed.
Santa was there with a few of his helpers to bring joy into the hearts of everyone there.
I was meaning to ask him…What’s the key for? Maybe if I see him around I’ll remember to ask. It’s an interesting piece!
This is only my second year being able to cover this wonderful event and I’m already looking forward to next year.
Thank you Dr. Parvis for allowing me to cover this heart-warming event. It was certainly a pleasure. See you again for TFT 2008!

And since my heart is still warmed:
To all of you who are visiting my Blog…thank you.
To all of the great people I had a chance to work with this year, thank you.
To all of the great clients I have who have referred other clients to me, thank you too.
And to everyone else who visits this blog…
Happy Holidays!
Stay tuned for more…
Beauty Discovered.

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