Family Portrait

November 11, 2007
Here is another family portrait session that was quite fun. All three kids came right into the studio with their smiles already on. They were very inquisitive about the whole photography process and I did my best to answer their questions using terms they would understand without getting too technical.
Cooperation is key in family portraiture and if you don’t have every one’s full attention it can be difficult at times to get that memorable image that you’ll want to put up on the wall for many, many years.
This family, The Bogars, all did very well in that respect too. Mom made sure everyone looked their best and she was instrumental in making the session happen efficiently. The posing stool in my studio provided the fun!
There were many great images but I could only pick a few to post here.
Thanks very much Paula (Mom) for helping this session go so smoothly. I had fun with it and I hope you all did too. See you again soon!
Happy Holidays!
Beauty Discovered.

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