Bella Means Beautiful.

November 10, 2007:

I was hired to photograph a “Super” Sweet 16 party in Randolph, MA. When I went to meet with my clients we spoke about the details and their plans for this big Gala Event. It was going to have a Cinderella theme with all of the “stops pulled out”. I was then introduced to the birthday-girl whose name is Bella (pronounced Beh-jah). In Spanish, Bella means Beautiful.

Well, when Bella came upstairs to meet me, I immediately told her parents that they had chosen the correct name for their child. Bella IS a Beautiful girl and I was looking very forward to photographing her and this event. She shares an equal amount of features from both her Mom and Dad, two more good-looking people. Bella has hopes to be a professional model someday. In my opinion, she should have no problems. I hope that when she hits the big-time she will at least send me a “shout-out”. 🙂

I did however have a wedding on this day and I was not going to be able to be in both places at one time. There was NO WAY I was going to pass this up. So, I enlisted the help of my friend (and fellow photographer) Alice. I had Alice go to the Sweet 16 and start…and then I would join her later, after I was done with my wedding. I don’t normally book two events in one day, but in this case I made an exception…and now, I’m glad I did.

WOW is the only word I could come up with to describe the evening. I could get used to this. It was a blast! Being able to work side by side with another professional photographer was great! It was almost as if we had worked together before. We both fed off each other’s inspiration and together we made lots & lots of great images. We both have very different styles (I am more Traditional and she is more Photo journalistic) but together we made a great team.

Thank you so much for your help Alice! I’m looking forward to our next team effort (hint, hint).

What can I tell you about the Sweet 16 that you can’t see in the images posted here? How difficult it was to choose from among all the great images we captured that night. I was a very hard task to just choose a few but I managed to select a small sample here.

It was lots of fun! The food was great! The dancing was great. The cake was great. All the guests were great. The whole event was great!

Thank you Carmen & Victor (Mom & Dad) for welcoming us into your lives. Bella, may you have many more great birthdays ahead. Good luck with your future career as a Model.

PS. When you are ready to get your Modeling Portfolio done…call me…and I’ll try to team up with Alice again. 🙂 Thanks very much!
Beauty Discovered.

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