Family Portrait Month 2

November 2, 2007:
Okay, I know that the Family Portrait Month Promotion I was having was only for the Month of October, but I wanted to extend it a bit to raise more money for Operation Smile.

Kim, her Sister Kelly and their kids came in for another FUN session! The kids were not bashful at all when it came to being in front of the camera. In fact, they seemed like they were used to being photographed. They did a real good job at following my leads and their portraits show it.
Kelly’s baby daughter Sophia even liked being there. She is soooo adorable!! I think I could watch babies smile all day long and I wouldn’t grow tired of it. It’s just so great when you see a really happy baby. That’s what we all want our kids to be – happy.
Well, take a look at how happy these kids were during the session and then you will have an idea of how happy I was to have photographed them. Every time I see these they reinforce the reason I love being a photographer and the personal rewards that come with that great responsibility.
Kim & Kelly, Hope you love the portraits! Make sure you get those kids back in here before too long. They sure do grow up fast!
Beauty Discovered.

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