My First 1st Communion

April 25th 2007: I was contacted by my friend Donna about taking photographs of her daughter’s 1st Communion. I had never attempted to take this type of photography and I was up all night (again) the night before the session trying to figure out what to do! I wanted to do something nice, that was self explanatory and that was different.
The session took place at my home, in what was then my Recreation Room. (I have now converted this space into my studio.) It was a very nice experience for me because both Donna and her daughter came in very relaxed and let me give my inspiration a try. I took several of the shots that I had seen when I did some research prior to the shoot, but then I was searching for something a little different.
I am pleased with the results of this photo, which was my favorite of about a dozen finished photos that I let my friend choose from. Since then I have been able to come up with several other poses that I think will also work well for this type of an event. Hopefully, I will get another opportunity to shoot a 1st communion so I can try them out.
Thanks very much Donna for letting me spread my wings on this one.

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