50th Wedding Anniversary Party

May 12, 2007: I was contacted by a woman named Jenny who was referred to me by Gladys (from the Quinceanera) – Thanks again Gladys!!

She and her cousin were arranging to host a 50th wedding anniversary party for one of her relatives…never did get their names. (Note to self: Take better notes!)

Anyhow, the party was at the new Hilton Garden Inn in Worcester, MA and it was a great turn out! There were so many good looking people there, friends and family of the “married couple” as I now refer to them.

It was a celebration like no other! There were 3 generations there all celebrating together. Great big families! That is what I love about what I do! Bringing together families that perhaps haven’t seen each other in many years and capturing that timeless moment with them all together and happy.

There were many fine family portraits that evening in all sets from generation to generation. I wish I could show them all, but I would run out of room. Here are just a few.

I really enjoyed myself at this event and I hope to be able to do this again someday. My only regret is not getting ALL of the information I needed…a lesson I will never forget. See, after the party I lost touch with Jenny because she moved and did not leave any forwarding information. So, I was only able to get her the Proof Book but she didn’t get any prints and neither did anyone else at that event. If by some chance you happen to know anyone in these portraits, call them up and have them contact me so they can get their portraits. Jenny is the one who hired me and she’s nowhere to be found. No forwarding address, no forwarding phone.

I am deeply saddened to know that all of these families are missing their family portraits from a day that was very special both in all of their minds & hearts (and also in mine.)

Perhaps some day we will cross paths again.


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