1st Gay Wedding

07/07/07: The Day Everyone wanted to get married!
While this was not my very first wedding it was my first gay wedding…which (as you might have guessed) made me soooooo nervous! For this one my nerves started acting up about one week before. Seriously! I am begining to think that this is going to be the norm for me. I sure hope not because a don’t like feeling this way. My wife Cathy tells me that it’s because I want so much for everything to go right (it’s a good thing she says). Well it doesn’t feel too good to me.
Stacy Teller and Margit Evans…two of the nicest women I have ever met! They found my information on-line (they live in Smyrna, Tennessee) and we spoke on the phone. That first phone call must have been for about an hour! We hit-it-off right away and (I found out later) Margit knew before she hung up the phone with me that she wanted to hire me to shoot their wedding.
They booked me and then made arrangements to meet with me when they came up here to book the venue and speak with the Pastor of the Church where they would be married (in North Truro, MA)
So, on that day Sunday, May 6, 2007 I met them at Logan Airport in Boston. I was sitting in the waiting area of Baggage Claim awaiting their arrival. That day we were going to talk about the details of their wedding day, choose a wedding album for their package AND I shot their Engagement photos as well. WHEW! What a really Great, Fun, Happy, Stressful day that was for me. We bonded that day even more and by the end of the night we were all very excited and anxious about the wedding.
It was a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful experience for me. I hope that I was able to make it just as special for both of them too.
Here are only a few of the many, many images that are my favorites from this day. Enjoy!
Stacy & Margit, best wishes and look me up when you come back up this way for your anniversary! xxxoooxxx
Beauty Discovered.

One comment on “1st Gay Wedding

  1. Ed,Yes, you definitely out did yourself for us. You made the whole experience relaxing, fun, exciting but mostly memorable. How can we ever thank you?!?! Just know that no one could have done a better job, from beginning to end, than you did. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to seeing you again when we get back up to MA. You’re a great man & Cathy is lucky to have you in her life.Love,Margit & Stacy

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